Met up with an AMC group at the trailhead for Maiden Cliff Trail along route 52just outside of Camden. We spotted a car at Camden Hills Park. Started out at about 9:00. Temps were cool in the high 30s or low 40s and the skies were clear.
A short hike up to the maiden cliff area and we were treated to some really great views across Lake Megunticook towards Bald & Ragged mountains. Got to read about the sad story of Elenora French who perished on Maiden Cliff in 1864. We then connected to the Ridge trail and headed for Mount Megunticook.
Just about noon we passed over the true summit and a few minutes later, we were at the Ocean Lookout with some tremendous views down into Camden harbor and out to the sea. After a long break here, we headed down the Mt Megunticook trail and by 1:45 we were at the hikers parking lot.
At this point the AMC group headed back to the starting point and I stayed to play some more in the park. I hiked up to the summit of Mt Battie via the Nature Trail which took about 35 minutes. There is a stone tower there and I climbed up that and got some more pictures. Descended via the auto road and plan was to walk to a friends house and meet up with my better half who had come up earlier in the day. I got to Route 1 at just about 3:00 and headed south. After about 2 miles or so, things weren’t looking familiar and I realized that our friends house was actually north of the park entrance. Darn it. So I walked back the 2 miles to the park entrance and started north. Just over a mile later and I was there. Got a nice hot shower and a cold beer! What a way to finish! Today was just over 11 miles, in 7 hours and 14 minutes, minimal elevation but views galore. Dinner at Chez Michelle’s in Lincolnville for a perfect finish to a great day.