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Thread: Dry River Trail to the Suspension Bridge (12-Nov-09)

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    Dry River Trail to the Suspension Bridge (12-Nov-09)

    In conjunction with doing some other hiking in the Crawford Notch area, I took the Dry River Trail to the suspension bridge that is being replaced. I was curious to get a first hand look at the work being done there.

    In terms of trail conditions, a Forest Service crew just recently removed several large blowdowns on the segment of trail between the trailhead and the suspension bridge, and so that part of the trail is in good shape.

    Regarding the work being done at the bridge site, the old bridge has been removed, and crews are doing prep work for installation of the new bridge which they hope to have in place by Thanksgiving.

    Some photos and additional commentary about this hike is located in the Trip Reports forum. (Click HERE)
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    P.S. It should be noted that while the bridge work is ongoing, there might be times when segments of the Dry River Trail are temporarily closed (click HERE for a link to the USFS memo about this).
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