Date of Hike: 11/29/09

Trail Conditions: Lincoln/Wilderness trail were in decent shape, some soft wet areas and blowdown on the Wilderness trail. Bondcliff was wet down low, snow increasing as you go up. Lots of trees hanging over the trail with frozen snow and easily navigated blowdown. Upper Bondcliff beyond last river crossing deeper snow to near a foot- two tough blow downs.

Special Equipment Required: Barebooted to Upper Bondcliff. Snowshoes after last crossing- used and helped but not required- passes gentleman and dog-neither wore snowshoes and seemed OK. Man was postholing up to 8 inches at times though. Stabilcers used at rock scramble- not required. All equipment useful but not required.

Comments: Optional - Beautiful day and great views - great day out with Rols. Pix here...

Tuco, Rols