Date of Hike: 11/29

Trail Conditions: A few blowdowns, nothing too hard to move around. Trail was broken and by the end of the day a few groups had packed it in pretty well. A bit of postholing. Rime ice and ice on all the rock above gem pool and especially in the area within the last few hundred feet below the Lake of the Clouds Hut. Some of the river crossings were a bit sketchy but hopefully we broke through in all the bad spots in the snow bridges if some other people are planning on heading up this week!

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes - useful, Crampons - essential, Poles/Axe - useful, Microspikes - Probably would have been good around and above treeline where the ice was mostly rime and thin.

Comments: The Base road IS currently plowed. Since I can't post in other forums I hope the person who asked that question in the General NE forum reads this! The road was extremely slick, basically a sheet of ice in the last mile to the cog station. Be careful.

Your name: Jake