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Thread: Lunch

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    Bringing pepperoni and crackers for lunch (if we get to it) but am looking for other ideas while on the trail - ideas that don't require a stove, you know what I mean.
    Thanks a lot.
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    try a can of sardines. They are inexpensive, are generally good for you, taste great, and go down good.
    remember, let's have some fun out there.

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    Moose Goo and Flat Bread for me.

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    My standard lunch is PB&J, with sugar snap peas, baby carrots, and a piece dark chocolate.
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    I like the sardines too. I also get the foil packs of smoked oysters, shrimp, crab meat, and flavors of tuna (hickery smoked, sweet and spicy...). They are a nice size and no cans to mess with. It helps to bring a fork or spoon though. A friend of mine will make little pizzas (english muffin, sauce, cheese, and whatever) and bring that along.

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    Bagels keep well, use as a base for a tuna (use tuna in a packet) sandwich, adding some diced olives makes it a bit more fancy.

    Any sort of flat bread, with just add water and oil hummus.

    I use a screw top 16 ounce wide mouth Nalgene container as a bowl, first day I put some cold spaghetti in there and top with a home made sesame sauce. Cut some scallions onto it before eating and you have colds sesame noodles. This can be done on the trail the night before.

    Good sour dough bread, with the thick crust, good cheese of your choice, flask of wine. A good dry sausage is optional, the wine is not.
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    For a dayhike, I'll make a sandwich at home and carry it in one of those plastic containers, another container for potato chips and one for seedless grapes. The containers nest together when empty and don't weigh much.

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    Rye bagels W/pepperoni, hot pepper cheese and mustard.... washed down with Tang Sugar Free

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    Any tubed meat ie salami, cooked sausage etc etc w/ tortias, pouch tuna, mayo packet and tortias, My favorite... canned octopus.... uuuummmm octopus.
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    My standard lunch this year has been slices of Cabot 75% cheese on whole wheat pita with mustard (packets obtained from Port Jeff-Bridgeport ferry snack bar ).


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    Ok, so don't laugh........I bring baked tofu--very tasty, filling, high in protein and cheap--baby carrots, snap peas, cheese and FRESH sourdough roll....hummus and babaganoosh (eggplant, lemon and seasoning spread) are good on any kind or bread. For a sweet treat with protien I bring sesame/sunflower/walnut/honey bars/no additives or preservatives--crunchy and tasty!

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    I like snacky stuff for lunch. Wasabi peas, dried figs, pineapple, cheese nips, peanuts, chocolate, fruit roll ups etc. Sometimes I bring a sandwich for lunch....salami/cheese/mustard keeps fairly well.

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    Four tins of kippers (smoked herring) in my pack all the time. One for lunch; two for some unplanned bivouac or other extremity; and one for the dog, for when he gets me to feeling really guilty about eating them in front of him. Better than sardines, IMO. (It's all fish to him.)

    Also at least one brick of Ski Queen brand gjetost (brown Norwegian goat cheese.) It's a criminal offiense in Norway to go into the mountains without some.

    Pilot bread (aka pilot crackers) or Wasa flatbreads, If I'm feeling really ethnic: Finn-Crisp. (Another reason my wife won't hike with me much anymore.)

    Small cans of pineapple chunks, packed in whatever sugared/non-sugared version appeals to you.

    Truly extravagant, on a dayhike or winter trip only: Frozen strawberries. By the time you've gained enough elevation to earn them, they're thawed and just about perfect. Open the container carefully and slurp the juice with equal caution, or the wasps and hornets will be your new trail buddies for the duration.

    Hummus, yes. Babaganoosh? Not in this life or the next.

    "Å! kjære Bymann gakk ei stjur og stiv,
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    kom hit, kom hit, og ver ei daud og lat!
    kom kjenn, hot d'er, som heiter Svevn og Mat,
    og Drykk og Tørste og det heile, som
    er Liv og Helse i ein Hovedsum."

    -- Aasmund O. Vinje, "Til Fjells!"

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    You don't actually eat the whole brick of that cheese do you? I was introduced to it last summer when we visited Norway. One slice of that stuff is like a meal. I gave my Dad (who is a cheese lover) a brick of that last year and he is still working on it!!!

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    simple is best

    Cold cut sandwich and a PBR. GORP while walking. Wayne's Market has everything I need and they open early.

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