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Thread: Wright, Algonquin and Iriquois - Dec 25th, 09

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    Wright, Algonquin and Iriquois - Dec 25th, 09

    Wright, Algonquin and Iriquois from the Loj and back.

    Date of Hike: Friday December 25th, 2009

    Trail Conditions: From Loj to Algonquin is nicely packed. Broken out but not pack from junction to Boundary. From Boundary to Iriquois was tough going, we apparently were the first to try the route after the last snowfall, we managed to follow a faint snow path here and there, but lost it somewhere below the summit. We pushed our way and fell into more than couple of waist deep spruce traps finally made it to the summit. From the summit we saw a cairn on the left and the faint snow path, we tried to follow but lost it again, ended up pushing back to the right to try to get back on our own track, which we did.

    Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes.

    Comments: I still don't know where the route is, but I can tell you, going toward Iriquois, do not follow our track, when you see tracks going left and right, left is what we ended up taking and many spruce traps there. Hope this help.

    Kim wrote a report here and my pictures are here.
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