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Thread: Another fun year

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    Another fun year

    I said thank you once before but must repeat myself yet again. It’s been another good year of laughs and sighs. How many times have I had to peel my fingers away from typing something I might regret, wiped the smile off my face when I’m supposed to be concentrating on something more serious, burned with jealousy, shaken my head in disbelief, laughed out loud, dabbed the tears from my eyes, left the room before my blood boiled over however returning to read some more, been amazed by the vast amount of knowledge, sighed over the ignorance, giggled at the entertainment, yet come to appreciate the humanity (and “diversity”) of the members here. Thanks for another good year.
    I'm just outwalkin....

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    DITTO and a Happy New Year.

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    I echo Carol's thoughts! I may not have experienced the range of emotions on here that she has, but I am very, very grateful for this forum, and have grown so much though it. Thank you to the moderation team for your countless hours of work making sure this site stays excellent!

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    Amen, Carole.

    I'll respond on behalf of all of us Lurkers who tend to postpone posting a comment and then find out someone's just written what we were going to write.
    Just as Carole did now.

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