Date of Hike: 1/16/10

Trail Conditions: Mostly well-packed snow, but lots of it and deeper drifts once we got up to the ridge...I expected much less snow, since no major storms the past 2 weeks, but there was plenty left.

Special Equipment Required: Saw some people barebooting it, but we had snowshoes on the whole time and they didn't feel like overkill to me.

Comments: A gorgeous Saturday with temps in the 30s and 20s and blue blue skies! A lovely hike--the parking lot was full, but the trail didn't really feel crowded, despite one large group trekking together.

Have done this trip twice in summer and I have to say it was nicer in winter--all the water crossings were covered by snow, except a few easy hops.

Would recommend getting to the lot by 9:15 the latest, though--we were one of the two last cars, and in fact I tried this hike last winter and reached the lot too late.