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Thread: Terry Frost dies at 88‏

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    Terry Frost dies at 88‏

    Terry Frost was one of the first to hike the NH 4k in winter and was the leader on my first NH 4k trip. He was also the leader on several Chatham Trails Association work trips I was on - if you've hiked in Evans Notch or Concord NH you've probably been on one of his trails.

    After college he spent 35 years with the NH Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission with time out for service in 2 wars. After retirement, he was a consultant and lecturer.

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    Made a difference

    Served his country in two wars, cleaned up New Hampshire's rivers, created miles of trails, preserved important parcels of land, led AMC hiking trips, among the first to peakbag the 4000-footers, and a 63-year love affair.
    A life well lived. Thanks for posting this.

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    Will be missed

    Can't say I knew him or anything about him, but reading about him makes me think NH needs more people like him. Thanks for the trails in Evans Notch, Terry! Godspeed!

    "Use what talents you possess- the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best."

    Henry Jackson Van Dyke

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    My wife and I just hiked on the Oak Hill Trails this past weekend as she builds her strength back from a broken foot. We commented on "Terry's Turn" as we went over to the outlook. When my wife worked for Concord School District we were lucky enough to work with him and his "crew" on the trails at White Farm.
    Even believe there is a picture of us with you Roy. Happy trails Terry.

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    I met him once; he co-led a seminar on trail maintenance.

    He is also notable as one of several (two?) people who donated the land on which the Society for the Protection of NH Forests now has its headquarters in Concord.
    moose plates help conserve New Hampshire's natural heritage
    New book from NHNHB: The Nature of New Hampshire

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    RIP Terry. Your story should be on the front page of the Boston Globe. You've done more for our corner of the planet than 99% of what's there.

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    A Gentleman tooo

    Roy:thank you for this information.
    Terry was a leader in many ways.His contributions to trails is above and beyond the call of duty.
    We will always remember his contribution to the NH Chapter in so many capacities.And our early days in the chapter he was a mentor.I am proud to have known him and had the chance to work side by side with him on trail projects both in the AMC and SPNHF.He will be missed.Another name to add to a memorial to Trail maintainers.!

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    Requiescat In Pacem Terry Frost

    My meetings with Terry were in the line of volunteer trail work in the 1980s with AMC-NH Vol Trail Crew and Chatham Trails Association, of the latter which he seemed to be the mainspring. He was quite the gentleman, caring about everyone in his orbit, careful to see that we all had a good time as well as a productive day. Others will list his feats, which are many. I just recall him as a pleasure to have around.

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    Well said Craig: We all wish his wife "Stevie" comfort at this time.

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    Received this from Terry Frost's son Jay:

    Many thanks to the members of your site who posted comments about my dad, Terry Frost, longtime AMC member and the fifth person to log all the 4,000 footers in the winter (after doing them all in summer as well).

    Would you be kind enough to post an advisory that a public memorial service will be held on Saturday, May 29, at the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in Concord at 11 a.m.?

    I will send you a reminder a week or so before the event, but for those who are interested, they may want to know the family's plans (there was no funeral service).


    Jay Frost
    Kūlia i ka nu‘u

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