Went up the Ledges trail. The trail was covered with a thin covering of fresh snow. The footing was quite solid and I used microspikes.

The stream crossings were open but easily crossed. There is some ice below the ledges and some ice on the ledges. On the other hand, parts of the ledges were bare.

As usual, just below the summit there was extensive drifting with some spots almost knee deep. However, it was very light snow and the drifting was not extensive.

The top had been blown clear of the new snow.

There were no signs of snowmobile tracts on top. I haven't been up the firewardens's trail in some time, but it must be blocked in some way.

I saw no one else on the trail today, but on my return I did see two cars parked at the Bald peak trailhead.

There is space for about four cars to parallel park at the Ledges trailhead. It has been plowed but not deep enough for the usual diagonal parking. There was room for a couple of cars at the Bald Peak trailhead.

I would recommend light traction for the trails at this time. Snowshoes are not necessary for the Ledges and Bald Peak trails and probably not for the Firewarden's trail. They may be useful for the South West Ridge trail.

We saw dear tracts from bottom to top and interestingly, some tracks that may have been made by some species of cat.