Date of Hike: Thur. 3-11-10

Trails: Falling Waters Tr., Franconia Ridge, Old Bridle Path

Falling Waters Trail was hard packed with snow bridged crossings. Lots of slick surfaces from butt sliders. Franconia Ridge was a mixture of bare ground, packed snow and some minor ice. Coming off of Lafayette the trail was hard packed and in good shape to the hut. OBP had some soft sections that were being hit directly by the sun, which made them slick. No major obstructions.

I wore my Hillsound spikes the whole way and they worked fine. Carried my snowshoes, but they stayed on my pack. Some people wearing crampons today.

Sunny earlier with clouds moving in. A little breeze along the ridge. Mild temps.

Nice talking with Pam B. on the trail today.