We ascended and descended via the Orange Trail on Rumford Whitecap. Snow and ice started very soon into the hike. Ice covers approx. 75% of the trail. Some hard packed snow cover over the ice. Use caution with each step. The ice is thin and has a lot of running water under it. We did a lot of bushwacking to stay off the steep icy areas of the trail. We carried micro spikes and snowshoes but were able to bare boot because the snow is so hard packed. Temps hovered around 32 degrees. Winds were very strong at the summit, requiring face shields and winter gear. Trail is easy to follow if you pay attention to the orange blazes and bits of orange plastic taped to the trees here and there. On the descent the dirt areas were starting to get pretty muddy (temps were only 34 degrees at that point). I expect that when the temps rise there will be a lot of melting snow and water run-off, creating lots of muddy areas. Total hike is approx. 6 miles RT.