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Thread: Vermont 4ks Memorial Day Weekend

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    Vermont 4ks Memorial Day Weekend

    Our group of four, with two cars, is planning to hike all five of the Vermont 4,000 footers over Memorial Day weekend. Our current plan is:

    Friday - Killington r.t. via Bucklin, hotel somewhere around Killington Friday night.
    Saturday - Lincoln Gap to Jerusalem for Abraham and Ellen, stay at Underhill S.P. on Saturday and Sunday nights.
    Sunday - Morning hike up Mansfield via Sunset Ridge, afternoon Burrows r.t. to Camels Hump.

    We are average hikers both speed and strength-wise. Is this plan reasonable? Any other alternative suggestions? Recommendations on a good hotel and restaurant in or around Killington?

    Your great advise is always appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie View Post
    Sunday - Morning hike up Mansfield via Sunset Ridge ...
    Good choice, spectacular hike on a nice day (but lots of wet ledges on a rainy day ).

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    Try the Garlic, on the Killington access road. Good food, especially if you like garlic. They start you off with hot bread and a freshly-roasted bulb of garlic to spread. Yum!

    Get an early start for Ellen & Abraham. The Monroe Skyline is a beautiful trail and not difficult, but it will be a lengthy day, and the drive up to Underhill always takes longer than one would expect.
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    We did the same exact trip a few years ago on Labor day.

    Friday Night: Drive up to Stowe area stay at underhill SP (beautiful camping area IMO)
    Saturday: Mansfield via LT, Camel's Hump (I don't recall the trail, but yours sounds familiar). We stayed at a private campground on the east side of the Abraham/Ellen ridge.
    Sunday: Spotted a car at Jerusalem trailhead, drove to lincoln gap, did the hike across the ridge, drove to Gifford Woods SP for the night (Right by the 4/103 junction near Killington, I would certainly recommend this area if you're used to state parks).
    Monday: Hiked Killington via Bucklin and drove home (Syracuse, NY)

    I did this hike a few years ago when I wasn't a very strong hiker and I found it to be tough but definitely reasonable.
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