Date of Hike: Thur. May 13, 2010

Trails: Old Bridle Path, Franconia Ridge, Falling Waters

Up the OBP which was bare and dry to about 4000+ ft. Some rail for the last 1/2 mile to the hut. Rail was firm but icy. Bare boots with no problem. No blowdowns to speak of on the OBP.

Franconia Ridge was mostly bare ground with some rime ice.

Falling Waters Trail had a snow covered icy rail for about 1/2 mile off of Little Haystack. From there it was mostly bare ground the rest of the way. Falling Waters Trail had many blowdowns, but we cleared all of them, so the trail is in excellent shape now. Water crossings were low and easy.

We didn't need snow shoes, but spikes helped out on the descent on Falling Waters.

Great day out with Bill Marcotte and Donna Dobbins.

Foot Note: Driving past Gale River Rd. (North end) and Haystack Rd., I noticed that the gates are now open.