Date of Hike: 5-23-10

Trail Conditions:

Glen Boulder Trail: dry most of the way, some soft/monorail snow on the trail above the boulder in the spruce

Davis Path: Lots of soft post hole snow once you get in the trees, lots of minor blowdowns prior to davis peak, from davis peak to the isolation trail are two MAJOR blowdowns that are almost not passable.

Isolation trail: some wet, mostly dry, no real snow, river crossings pretty easy rock hops.

Rocky Branch trail: some wet areas, but mostly dry

Special Equipment Required: Gaiters for the post holing on the davis path, no traction devices needed, we did not use any water shoes for the river crossings. BUG REPELLENT IS A MUST

Comments: The Blowdowns on the Davis path were horrendous, spent lots of time climbing over and under the large trees that are down. We decided to go over the blowdowns because the blowdown area was bad as far as you could see and would have spent even more time trying to bushwhack around them. Black flies are numerous and very hungry

Your name: Larry Peck