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Thread: Moriah via Stony Brook and Carter-Moriah Trails, May 30, 2010

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    Smile Moriah via Stony Brook and Carter-Moriah Trails, May 30, 2010

    Trail Conditions: Stony Brook Trail dry and in good shape. Brook crossings easy. Trail could use a bit of touching up along the edges with loppers (though most of what is needed could be done with hand clippers). Only one small blowdown, near the junction with Carter-Moriah.

    Carter-Moriah Trail mostly dry. A few small muddy spots and one large-ish patch of snow (just below Moriah summit). I cleared quite a few branches and loose blowdown trees from this section. About 6-8 blowdowns still need to be cleared with a saw. Most are small (3 - 4 inch diameter) but one is extensive and about 10 inches in diameter. All blowdowns easy to pass by - either by going around, over, or under.

    Equipment: Insect repellent against nasty black flies.

    Comments: This route up Moriah is just lovely. The lower section of Stony Brook Trail, following the Brook, is beautiful and peaceful. The section of Carter-Moriah Trail from Stony Brook to Moriah summit has lots of ledgy viewpoints. Highly recommended.

    Photos from this hike can be seen at:


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