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Thread: Help with Waterproofing Questions, please

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    Question Help with Waterproofing Questions, please

    In the past I have used Scotchgard Heavy Duty Waterproofing for Outdoor Fabrics with great results. Unfortunately, even though it is still listed on their website I canít find it anywhere. I contacted 3M and was told they discontinued all Scotchgard products for outdoor applications and were unsure if these products would be reinstated in their product line. The representative told me to look for another solution from another source.

    REI sells products from Nikwax, Tectron, and Grangerís that deal with waterproofing or repelling water. I have used Nikwax on footwear but not on anything else. I have not used Grangerís or Tectron products.

    My main interest is to restore the DWR treatment on rain gear and other outdoor gear (packs, etc).

    Does anybody have information on this topic? Does anybody have experiences with these products? Iím interested in the good and bad.


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    I have used Silicone Water-Guard for many years on boots (sueded leather), rain gear, packs and umbrellas. My last can(s) were bought at Wal-Mart.
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    My understanding is that Nikwax's TX.Direct Spray On waterproofing is one of the best options. It's not quite as simple to use as the wash-in DWRs, but the problem with those is that they also coat the interior with the DWR, which may inhibit the breathability of the garment.

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    Makes you wonder what they put in the 3M products doesn't it? I used to use that stuff in the army... pretty awesome, but maybe I was poisoning myself.

    I just used the Nikwax TX-Direct Spray-on the other day on my pack. seems to have created a water-beading result that I remember from the 3M stuff... we'll see if it lasts.

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    I've used the NikWax line for several years and then the Granger's for the last three or four, on several GoreTex garments and an eVent jacket. I've found the Granger's to be just as effective, maybe even better, and somewhat less expensive per application.

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    Nikwax has a number of products, depending on the application. They have spray-on "tent and gear solarproof" intended for tarps, packs, etc., which are not waterproof/breatheable fabrics.

    The TX-direct spray-on is for clothing such as Gore-tex which have coated interior layer(s).

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    I've had good luck with the Nixwax spray on, but if the garment is not too (over) used, you can run it through a hot dryer and that will restore the dwr properties.
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