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Thread: Mt. Clinton Road and Jefferson Notch Road

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    Mt. Clinton Road and Jefferson Notch Road

    I called the Crawford Notch DOT shed and asked about the roads..Mt. Clinton Road opened 2 days ago, Jefferson Notch Road will be open by this Saturday, the staffer said..sure it will be a busy weekend with the great weather coming up..enjoy those cold brooks!! Lefty E

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    damn! i was going to bike them this weekend.. super disappointed that there will be cars on it.

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    The gate to Jefferson Notch Road (from the Cog Base Road) was open Thursday afternoon so I guess we can all assume the road is now open. The previous day it was still closed.

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    seems late to open Jeff notch road...oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjo View Post
    seems late to open Jeff notch road...oh well
    There was massive blowdowns on those roads over the winter. I drove the Mt Clinton Road in April when it first opened, and it was a mess - you had to slowly snake your way around all the debris, thru some of which a tunnel had been cut to allow a vehicle to pass. Even then, you risked scratching the vehicle.

    At the time, I was staying at the Highland Ctr and was headed over to the Cog TH. It actually took much longer to use the Mt Clinton Rd than if I'd drive down to the Iron Bridge in Fabyan and taken the Base Road.

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