Nothing important to report, it was a beautiful day and the trail was great. I thought I'd post to ask if any other VVFT hikers doing a CCW Loop on 7/2? I bumped into a man on W. Bond very early: blue jacket and a Golite pack. When I looked at my pictures of Bondcliff from Mt Bond I discovered he was in them. Perhaps Dr. Dasypodidae? I read he was out.

My preference for this incredible hike, as a first-timer, was to do the longer stretch of old RR first and in the dark, so I started at 2:20am and proceded ccw. I live nearby so this wasn't logistically difficult. The eastern Garfield Ridge and the Franconia Ridge south of Haystack were the only difficult sections. I found the Osseo Trail was perfect for a long descent on weary legs. Being a newer trail its definitely less rocky than any other in the area. I was on Bondcliff at 5:30 not long after sunrise. It seemed a near perfect day for this hike: 40's on the summits in the AM, high 60's midday; clear blue skies and some NW winds: 30-40 mph on the Bonds and Lafayette. I ate frequently and drank nearly 8 liters despite the cool temps. I also changed into new socks every 10 miles. I finished just after 6:00 pm.

Thanks- Scot
N. Woodstock NH