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Thread: Success Pond Road..

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    Success Pond Road..

    Just thought I'd update the road condition after hiking Goose Eye today..

    The road is in great shape after driving it in my rental Hyundai Tiburan. (The lady told me to drive it like it was mine... Even AFTER she knew I have a subaru.. bwahhahahahaha, Tried to go 50mph down SP road for a stretch...)..

    Anyway, I noticed a small sign at the intersection in Berlin saying some kind of rally is going on July 17th and SP road will be closed from 7:30am to 11:30 I think... So hikers be aware!

    I guess it isn't WRC... Love the WRC, my kind of racing...

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    I agree the road is in nice condition, I hiked Goose Eye on July 7.

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