Date of Hike: 17 July 2010

Trail Conditions:

Kedron Flume Trail in good shape to the flume (first 3/4 mile). Beyond the flume, there is a steep, badly eroded, muddy section that looks like it needs work. Alot of tough tree work and clearing has been done though - trail is clear.

Willey Range Trail is in good shape up to Willey. Steep and rough but the ladders are in good shape and trail is clear. Beyond Willey, the trail gets fairly muddy in sections, but is clear otherwise. Tom spur, A to Z, and Avalon Trails are clear as well.

Special Equipment Required: Poles were nice on the steeps up Willey to take some stress off the leg muscles. DEET.

Comments: By the diameter of some of the trees chopped on Kedron Flume, someone put in a massive effort. Paul Bunyan probably. Good day for views from the Willey Outlook and into the Pemi from the col between Willey and Field. Tom's views were much better than when I was last up a number of years ago. Lots of people out on the trails.