Date of Hike: 7/22/2010

Trail Conditions: wide & well manicured, it's a state park overlooking the CT river near Salmon River Cove. One section that was pretty steep for this type of park.

Special Equipment Required: heavy duty DEET or netting. The 30% kept them off but the annoying little buggers were in my face looking for some spot I missed. More of an issue in the wooded sections. In teh open area,s enough of a breeze to keep them from ambushing people.

Comments: Optional - 1st visit to this close to home state park named after a old former poster here at VFTT. (or he & the park took the name of this area known to have many small earth tremors.) I did the hike as a recon trip for the upcoming Pack 109 Cub SCout hiking season. A couple fo very nice views of the CT river, including the bridge near Goodspeed Opera House. Scouts will go in November or later when the bugs are gone!

Mike P