Started out going up Jewell and had a very quite morning. Saw only one other group all the way to the top.

Temps were frisky when we left, but a light jacked sufficed. Once above the treeline the wind picked up and by Gulfside I had to stop and put on a wind proof jacket. The wind picked up steadily as we went up and was fairly strong at the top. Most of the commuting tourists were really bundled up.

We headed down towards Lakes of the Clouds and passed wave after wave of people. There were a few people on Monroe but not all that many considering all the folks we saw on the trail. After bagging Monroe we headed down the Ammo. The ledges were fairly dry.

There was not one blowdown on the entire loop.

Equipment needed--windproof coat or jacket for the higher elevations, especially on Washington and light gloves.

The Ammo had plenty of water, but the crossings were all easily done.

Recommendation: If you like walking in crowds go up the Ammo. If you prefer more tranquility and want to do the loop go up Jewell and down Ammo.

Elevation gain from the Cog lower parking aprox 3900'
Total mileage from Cog parking about 10