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Thread: Completed #47/48, The Trypyramids, 9-25-04

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    Thumbs up Completed #47/48, The Trypyramids, 9-25-04

    So, there I was at the Livermore trailhead......facing #47 and #48 of the NH 4K list, I was finally here! After being sick all week with some nasty flu/cold stuff, I was determined that since I felt good, I would head on up the Trypyramids. Plus with so many others finishing up list today I was not going to miss the Woodstock gathering. So with the added incentive I was on my way. I set myself a timeline to have both summits completed by noon.

    Operating in the solo mode today, I left Livermore in brilliant sunshine at 9:06 AM, one hour later (61 minutes to be exact....) I was standing at the sign for the Scaur Ridge Trail, 4 miles. Nice pace! Saw not a soul along the way. I then consumed one whole 32 oz bottle of water; with stifling humidity and feeling the effects of the nasty cold/flu, while at the trail junction.

    Rehydrated, I headed up the Scaur Ridge trail, with North Trypyramid somewhat visible through the treeline. Judging from the gazillion spiderwebs I slammed through, no one had been up this way for a couple of days........ After fighting the battle with the spiderwebs, eventually putting the poles up in front of me to cut a path.......drinking more water, and following the thin path, I was suddenly at the Pine Bend Brook/Scaur Ridge trail junction. Not a bad route.

    I could hear voices off to the left, and could see some folks in conversation a ways down the trail, and with that I headed up to North Trypyramid. The stretch of the Pine bend from Scaur to the summit is interesting, you travel on a basically flat trail, then you pay the price. Up and Up and more steep ups and at least one slip on a moss covered rock. Someone behind me yelled, hey you OK, and I said "Yep", little slippery there watch it. Up I went some more, still more steep slabs and trocks and more steep slabs and rocks......and then the trees clear and your at the summit!!! I reached # 47 at 11:10 AM. While there, a hiker showed up and asked me, are you Tony, and i said yes. It turned out to be NH_MTN_HIKER!! He knew I was headed up here today, so had wondered if it was me. We chatted some while he waited for the others in his group. I was in a hurry to get to #48, so I elected to move on at 11:30.

    The trail was nice, and before I knew it I was there!!! It was 12:05, right on time. The latest quest was completed!!!!

    I relaxed, ate, chilled out, enjoyed the hazy view, took a bunch of pictures and group shots with hikers, and answered allot of questions. Then it was time to head out, with out fanfare, off I went retracing my steps down to the scaur Ridge trail, and arriving back at the Livermore trailhead at 3:05 PM. 12.8 miles out and back, 3,150 feet elevation gain, and 6 hours, including breaks, not bad for a days fun!!

    Then I drank more water, cleaned up some and headed off f to the Woodstock Station. it was great to meet up with everybody., eat some chili, mingle and enjoy the day!.

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    Awesome job, Tony! I'm glad you came by the Woodstock & I was able to congratulate you in person. It was a pleasure doing some of those peaks with you. This has been a great year for VFTT finishes.
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    Congratulations! I guess you left the Station just as I was getting there. I'll just have to catch you next time!

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    Congrats!!!! Feel free to join us on the Maine Peaks this Fall, Winter and Spring. (anyone else working on the NEHH is welcome as well)

    If you do any of the VT peaks this Winter we'd love to join you (or anyone else) We have done all in the Summer, but only one in the Winter.

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    Hey, I just missed you. Pretty much all day. I left the trail head at about 8:45. I went to the Flume first and then looped around old skidder path and got to the base of the North slide about 11. It took a while to get to the top, I didn't check the time but it was probably noonish. The bottom of the slide was pretty slippery. I wiped out about 1/3 of the way up and ripped up my knee. I limped back to the trailhead at about 3:45 after stumbling down the South slide.

    By the way, I finished the 48 in August. I need to go to VT and ME but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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    Congrats, Tony! Nice to meet you in the flesh at the Station too!
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    Congratulations Tony! Such a shame I couldn't be in two places at once. Within minutes of you completing your 48 on Middle Tripyramid Michael was doing the same on the Moose.

    Sorry I missed giving you a personal congrats at the Woodstock Inn. Michael tells me you appear in the very picture under which I mention not having seen you there!

    I'm still hoping to do the North Slide before winter so perhaps we'll have a re-enactment of your 48th then


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    Tony, Nice to meet you at the Station, and aplogies for not remembering to congratulate you, soooo Congratulations! On to ME, VT, and beyond!

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    Jefferson in June

    Thanks for the conrgrats, same to you again.

    That is right Harry, we met on the beginning of the caps Ridge Trail to Jefferson in early June. I ran into you and Warren heading out on a Jefferson, Adams, and Madison traverse. I stayed with you through the Jefferson end, which is all I had planned for the day. I should have changed my plans and continued on, I did not get to madison and Adams until late August!!


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    If it ain't snowin' there, we ain't goin' there.

    Wish I'd known of your accomplishment on Saturday and had congratulated you in person. With my back turned most of the time to most of the crowd at the Woodstock Station, I still don't know what you look like.

    Hope to solve the mystery of your identity on Oct. 16.

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    Congrats, Tony! Sorry that I missed you and others at the Station on Saturday evening. Perhaps we will meet at the January Gathering at Dolly Copp. The NH4s in winter are even more fun!

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