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Thread: EMS Partners with NH State Park System

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    EMS Partners with NH State Park System

    The Union Leader made an editorial comment in today's online edition about the EMS partnership >>Read Editiorial.

    In exchange for EMS advertising the parks in its stores and perhaps providing uniforms for park employees and programs for campers, the department will promote EMS stores and products.
    I just hope that this is strictly not just an advertising exchange program because how does this help the underfunded issue. If EMS is purchasing uniforms for park employees [no EMS logo please] and running programs at the parks then this is a good idea.
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    The article that I referred to in THIS thread mentioned co-branded uniforms.

    From the article:

    "The company(EMS) may also train or offer kayaking or climbing programs at various parks. Eventually.....EMS may also provide clothing for parks staff - with both the companies and parks logos on them - and set up demo campsites on parks grounds, complete with gear......."

    I agree with the editorial, this is much better option than closing sites or raising fees. Hope it works!!
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    The previous link seems to be damaged. This one works:

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