Backpacked an overnight loop from the end of Jericho Rd. over Stairs Mountain, Mt. Davis and Mt. Isolation.

Rocky Branch trailhead to Stairs Mountain cutoff - Wide open flat trail. Couple minor blow downs. The one stream crossing is easy. Great foliage.
Stairs Mountain Cutoff to Davis path - In good shape. A little wet near the top.
Davis path to Stairs Mountain viewpoint - Trail is in good shape. Some mud on the spur path to the viewpoint.
Davis Path (Stairs Mountain to Mt. Davis) - Lots of mud and puddles. A few minor blowdowns. Trail could use some blazing in a few spots that are getting overgrown.
Mt. Davis Spur trail - A little bit of ice on the ledges leading up to the viewpoint.
Davis Path to Isolataion trail intersection - Overall good shape. Some muddy spots.
Isolation trail to Rocky Branch Shelter #2 - Lots of mud, puddles and running water in the trail. Had to rock hop parts of the path. All 4 stream crossings are somewhat tricky. Fast flowing current. Leaping from rock to rock is required.
Shelter #2 to Shelter #1 Rocky Branch trail - Lots of mud and blowdowns. Trail needs lots of maintenance. A couple spots on the trail are hard to follow. All 4 water crossing are tricky. Leaps of faith required at each one. You might not keep your boots dry. Some sections of the trail are long, flat and straight. Reminded me of the Wilderness Trail.

Definitely bring a camera for the views from Mt. Davis. Very spectacular! Gaiters are also highly recommended.

I did an overnight backpack trip with a friend who wanted to bag Isolation. We stayed at the tentsites at the Davis Path/Isolation Trail intersection. There's a small stream of water about .2 miles down the Isolation trail. The entire loop is about 20 miles. Clockwise is the way to go. Day 2 is all down hill or flat. Except for the stream crossings it was an easy day.