Date of Hike: 10/16 to Guyot Camp, 10/17 out

Trail Conditions:
10/16: Zealand: wet, becoming snowy - no ice
10/16: Twinway: snow - whiteout - no ice - strong winds
10/16: Bondcliff: snow - whiteout - no ice - strong winds
10/17: Bondcliff: 2-6 inches of snow, bare above treeline - no ice - moderate winds
10/17: Wilderness: sloppy mess
10/17: Lincoln Woods: sloppy mess
All water crossings were no problem. Temperatures were mostly above freezing, so the snow was melting and there wasn't any real ice going on.

Special Equipment Required: heavy gaitors, poles, shells, goggles, mask, rain gear, good attitude - had traction but didn't need it - no snowshoes required

Comments: we were up there for the storm and loving it. had to scrape 3-5 inches of snow off the tent platform at Guyot (hut taken). got the payoff sunday with partly cloudy skies and a fresh coat of snow. views kicked a$$ and Bond/Bondcliff did not disappoint. foliage was unexpectedly nice through the Wilderness and out.

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