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Thread: Missing Trail Sign at Viewpoint on Mt. Mist

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    Missing Trail Sign at Viewpoint on Mt. Mist

    This info is nearly a month old since I just now remembered it!

    On September 25th of this year I was at the Wachipauka Pond Trail. One of the spots I visited was the viewpoint on Mt. Mist via the short little spur path off the main trail. When I was there, I noticed that the unique sign (shown in the photo below) for that viewpoint was missing. This sign had been there for years.

    The DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club) maintains this trail, and so I'm wondering if anyone associated with that organization knows if the sign was temporarily removed for repairs?
    (Of course, it could have been removed by a souvenir-hunter, or by a kleptomaniac moose, or whatever!)

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    I'm sure the sign was removed by others, not the DOC. You can contact the DOC at:

    (603) 646-2429

    They're probably not aware that the sign is missing as that trail doesn't get a lot of concentrated use. BTW, it's pretty sad that I can recognize the handwriting (hand routing?) of the lettering on the sign.
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    So, is it your handwriting, Dave?

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