Trail Conditions: Mud and a dusting of snow near Route 73 trailhead, ice and packed snow as elevation increased, snow up to 18 inches above 3500 feet.

Equipment Required: Traction (e.g. YakTrax) important. Snowshoes carried but not used. Poles helpful.

Trip Report: Mud, frozen mud and a dusting of snow turned to packed snow around 2500 feet. Above 2500 feet, the trail is well-packed but traction and poles are helpful for extended icy patches. There is more than a foot of snow above 3500 feet but snowshoes are not yet needed to reach the summit of Cascade or Porter. Although windy, blue skies and good views drew a dozen hikers to the top of Cascade.

East of Porter (towards Keene Valley), the trail appeared to require snowshoes due to less foot traffic.