Where: From Rt 23A parking lot down the closed end of Malden Ave
When: 11/6/10
Why: See Poet's Ledge and Viola, Wildcat, and Buttermilk Falls
How: Via the Long Path southbound, and a quick stop at Hurricane Ledge on the south side of KHP's summit.

The road up to the cabin is wet, muddy and rudded, and the trail past the easement is wet and slippery and full of leaves. Waterfalls are running really good now and there are some nice views from them of past peak folliage.

Poet's Ledge is a nice destination in itself and worth the short trip but the waterfalls are nice and it's a different approach to KHP for those of you that have peakbagged it from the easier South approach. The snowmobile trail (upper part) is wet as usual and there is a slight covering of snow at the summit space. No traction aids were used or carried.