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Thread: Finally, SnowCup

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    Finally, SnowCup

    On Dec 26th a fun group meets up for another great trip to Maine.

    arm, Christine, Dani & Ron, Darlene, donna, drew, Jen, John Galt (aka Mike), MEB, Meri, MtnPa, Stev-o, Suelee, and Swampy met up at 9:30 AM in Oquossoc, Maine. We jumped into 3 cars and headed to SnowCup via Morton Cutoff. Christine is by far the best driver in the whole wide world.

    We successfully bagged SnowCup - my 99th of NE100 highest...and ARM'S WINTER NE100 HIGHEST FINISH! Congratulations arm!

    On the 27th we had the best home cooked dinner in the whole wide world. arm and Suelee shopped and Dani, Christine and Darlene cooked. Our first serving was homemade sliders, 2nd we had stuffed mushrooms with bacon and for dinner, chicken, salad, pasta (MEB's homemade sauce), garlic bread and for cream. It's amazing what the best cooks in the whole wide world can do with a mix of shopping supplies. It was by far a gormet dinner.

    On the 28th, arm, Christine, Jen, MEB, MtnPa, Suelee and Swampy headed to the Bigelows to break some serious trail. They made it almost to the col.

    The night of the 28th we celebrated an early New Year's Eve at GO's house. Thank you GO & Val for the enormous amount of food and hospitality. We had a great time and it's always so good to see you.

    Before heading home, arm, Jen, MEB, MtnPa, Suelee and I returned to the Bigelow's. We broke trail to the col and arm, Jen, MtnPa and Suelee bagged the summit of Avery.

    It was great to see Seema and Brian at GO's in the morning and again on the Bigelow's trail.

    Frodo, I missed you on my final Maine six-pack... hope I see you for my 3rd winter attempt on Vose Spur...maybe next winter.

    Thank you everyone for a great time. Feel free to add comments, I'm sure I'm missing lots of the fun stuff.

    Posted a few pictures:

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    Happy New Year!

    Good luck on your pending Winter NEHH finish!!
    Looks like Vose Spur is the only thing standing in your way?
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    Awww shucks Donna, my dad would be so proud to know he taught me to be fearless while driving on Maine logging roads!

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    Yeah....kudos to Chinook and her driving skills....seriously, it was IMPRESSIVE!

    Donna...thanks for getting me up that the name of it or was it something else Vose Spur was a beast but I would totally go back with you any time. Thanks for orgainizing a great trip!


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    The evidence would suggest another name
    Congrats to arm!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by michael View Post
    Good luck on your pending Winter NEHH finish!!
    Looks like Vose Spur is the only thing standing in your way?
    Knocked out Jefferson on her off-day. She's too hot to be stopped.
    The mountains can only hope to delay her slightly.

    Great job on the trip. Lots of fun busting it up with the team.
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    Sweet... What a fantastic group, how could it be anything other than a great time?
    Going where the wind don't blow so strange
    Maybe off on some high cold mountain range.
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    Great trip and great pics Donna!!!!! Thanks for organizing it was an awesome time. Was great to really meet GO & Valerie as well.

    I as well was lucky enough to hook a ride in the Chinook-mobile. The girl can drive for sure, was really something different to watch the snowmobile whiz by us going the other way as we drove down the road. I'm guessing they were pretty surprized.

    Next time we'll get you Vose Spur. It took you what six tries on Jefferson???
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    Congratulations Arm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donna View Post
    We successfully bagged SnowCup - my 99th of NE100 highest...and ARM'S WINTER NE100 HIGHEST FINISH! Congratulations arm!
    Congrats Donna and Arm!

    That pesky Vose Spur (or is it Nose Spur Wu?) won't keep you back for long Donna
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    Quote Originally Posted by donna View Post
    I'm missing lots of the fun stuff
    if you remember the fun stuff, you weren't there

    you forgot about Mallory, Mandi, Tif and Trixie helping you and MEB break trail up to Bigelows Col

    slow going, breaking trail up Bigelows ... four hours to break one mile of waist+deep powder above Moose Falls Tentsite ... steep and deep !

    MEB, some people call it Snow LKL (Little Kennebago Lake) ... is that what you meant ?

    congrats on your 99th Hot Donna ... that sure is a lot of promises

    fun hikes, great friends, good times at basecamp, very cool of GO and VO to invite us over to their home

    thank you, for a real good time ... fun way to welcome Winter !

    posted a few pics on webshots

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    Awesome job you guys! I wished I could have made it (sucks being a gimp). I hope Spanky was able to behave this time....
    "If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door"

    - Paul Beatty

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    Ee Aww
    Sounds like an awesome trip with some of the most fun people I know. The hiking sounds like a good time, but I'm mostly jealous of all the food you consumed. Mmmm...MEB's homemade sauce.

    Congrats Arm! Donna, what will you do when you no longer have a Scar Ridge, errr Coe, errrr Vose Spur out there dashing your hopes of hiking glory every winter?

    Mallory, Mandi, Tif and those sound like some Mean Girls .

    Happy belated bday Darlene!


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    Thanks for organizing Donna!
    Looks like I'm still, a couple beers short of a six pack.

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    Congrats to Arm & Donna!

    A big thank you to the trail breakers on Fire Warden's to Avery & West Peak (Bigelows). You guys are awesome.
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    I said, 'Honey, let's do it here.'" -K. Maccoll

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    Congrats to Donna and Arm!

    Steve-o! Who organized Donna?
    and I'll complete your six pack if you invite me on the next trip.
    What am I doing on this damn computer.... I should be out on the trails!!

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