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Thread: GIANT & RPR, January 14, 2010

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    GIANT & RPR, January 14, 2010

    The usual geriatric trio got lucky as a young couple from Montreal broke trail in front of us all the way to RPR. Actually not every step of the way as after seeing Alex and Gary pretending to be contortionists while scaling not without a lot trouble the infamous icy ledges halfway down the col towards RPR, I broke myself a somewhat easier and certainly safer route way to the left which we were very pleased to follow upon returning. By the time we returned to Giant Ridge Trail it had seen a lot of traffic and we donned our full crampons for the descent to Route 73.

    It was again a spectacular sunny day in the mountains, and we met many friendly climbers, some we knew some we did not, well it would have been just perfect had it not been so much steep climbing...

    *** Met as well at the 4100’ altitude an adorable Woodland-Jumping-Mouse in an apparent state of panic which ran after its very very long tail on the path for a few seconds before diving at the speed of light headfirst into a minuscule cavity in the snow
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