Date of Hike: 01/15/11

Trail used: trail number acording to National geographic maps: 61 from the Loj to marcy dam, 73 Marcy dam to lake Arnold, 74 Lake arnold to summit

Trail Conditions: Packed Snow in the morning turning to moderatly Deep Powder as day progress and you gain elevation, summit is a mix of snow ice and rocks (snowshoes ok), a few downed Trees from lake arnold to the summit.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes mandatory due to regulation of snow ticknees in the ADK, Crampons - useful. I use snowshoes all the way but my friends put on crampon on the way to the summit, both worked well.

Comments: Snow fall all day long. Windy at top with gust over 55 mph. Over 3 feet of unconsolidated snow on top. No view up there. Still a very nice winter day. Thanks to Dany and Neil.

Your name: fmarier