Snowmobiles have broken out the first 1 1/2 miles. At a point where the trail swings to the right a snowmobiler went straight ahead and for a good part of the morning most if not all the others who came up did the same thing.

When I came to the split I was tempted at first to follow the snowmobile track but decided on caution and broke trail the rest of the way to the top. I kept thinking that the snowmobile track would reappear but it never did. On the way back I stopped a snowmobiler and asked why he he had headed up the tract he went up rather than going to the top and he simply said he had followed the tract until he couldn't go any farther.

Perhaps by now a snowmobile has made the right turn, but the trail will be well broken out nevertheless. As I neared the trailhead I met a group of ten to fifteen heading up. I talked to them about staying on the trail so they most certainly will have totally broken out the trail.

All the ice on this trail is well covered. Snowshoes probably are not needed now.