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Thread: Yellow trail to Talcott Mt. & Heublein Tower, Simsbury CT

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    Yellow trail to Talcott Mt. & Heublein Tower, Simsbury CT

    Date of Hike: Jan 30, 2011

    Trail Conditions: well packed down but snowshoes were the better choice of footwear. Seven of Ten wore them, two scouts and a parent didn't & were okay following the leaders.

    Special Equipment Required: snowshoes, very useful, especially if you wanted to wander outside the packed path, poles helped as usual in the snow

    Comments: - This may be one of the busiest hikes in CT. Just a couple of days after we got over a foot of snow & it was packed down. Great view & a short distance make it a neighborhood walk for some & an easy two hour hike. We had four Cub Scouts, one sibling & five adults.

    Your name: Mike P. & Pack 109 - Colchester CT
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    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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