Date of Hike: 23-24 February 2011 (Wed-Thurs)

Trail Conditions:

-Lincoln Woods and Wilderness Trails to Bondcliff Trail junction were hard packed snow. No traction or snowshoes needed, moccasins would have been fine.

-Bondcliff Trail was hard packed but needed snowshoes at some point on the ascent. Saw a mix of snowshoes, light traction, and bare boots on both days. Handful of blowdowns - not difficult, mostly duck unders, but a few head-hunters - keep your eyes up! Switched to bare boots from Bondcliff for a mile to near Bond's summit then back to snowshoes. Bare ridge for the most part. West Bond spur is packed out as is Guyot shelter spur. Went back to bare boots for Guyot which was alot of bare rock, but only went to south summit.

Shelter is in good shape. I did not investigate the deeply buried spring but no obvious signs that it was running. I melted snow.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes essential. Usual cold weather gear. Light traction was optional these two days, but used micros for 30 minutes. could have gone snowshoes and bare boots.

Comments: Couldn't have asked for 2 better days to finish my W48 after 11 years. Had a great night at Guyot Shelter and views you dream of both days. Enjoyed a stellar sunset from Guyot Wednesday night and sunrise on Bond Thursday AM. Fifth time was the charm for West Bond, glad I kept trying Nice meeting 8 traversers out there including Ed and J and J.