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Thread: Richmond Mt.3220'and Huntersfield 3423' Catskill Hundred Highest 4-3-11

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    Richmond Mt.3220'and Huntersfield 3423' Catskill Hundred Highest 4-3-11

    Maddy,Jay,and myself got an early start this morning for a couple of Catskill Hundred highest.The first one was Richmond from Finch rd. off of rt.10.Lots of logging going on.We parked down low,and passed where all the logging is taking place.We just followed the ridge to the summit . There is still a couple of feet of snow up high.We took a couple of pictures and drove over to Jim Cleveland rd. off of rt.10 to climb HuntersfieldWe were able to drive to the sign,but stopped there because of the snow and ice on the rd.We walked about a mile to the gravel pit and then took the ridge to the summit.We took a couple of pictures where the Long Path goes over the Mt.,and stopped by the lean to for snacks .We wore snowshoes because the snow is over 2' in spots.Here are a couple of pictures,some of the animal track pictures are from yesterdays bushwhack off Peekamoose rd.94/102 for Maddy.

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    Nice job, guys. Family committment kept me away today.

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