Ravine Rd. is gated but plowed. This morning it was pretty much solid ice. By early afternoon it was mostly slush with many more bare patches than in the morning. It is very easy walking. It will be difficult to ski the lower half of the road. If the warm weather keeps up the road will shortly be unskiable.

The Gorge Brook trail is well consolidated and in the morning it was easily barebootable. It is also skiable. At the summit the Carriage Rd. is all ice, but once in the trees it is in very good shape. It is well consolidated and looked to me to be excellent for skiing. The wall to stop the snowmobiles was totally covered. If it weren't for the signs you wouldn't know it was there.

The Snapper trail was also well consolidated, but there was some snow from the last snow that wasn't packed down. This trail has seen far less traffic than the other two, but was nevertheless easily passable.

I think there was one small (step over) tree down over the Gorge Brook. Other than that the trails were clear.

The Gorge Brook trail has foot bridges. There was one small open stream on snapper. The water was very low.

The weather today was pristine. There was a bit of a breeze on the very top, otherwise there was no wind at all. Despite the snow, it was a spring day today.

I only saw eleven people all day. But those who were out were having a great time.

11 miles with road walk
2800' elevation gain