Date of Hike: April 16th

Trail Conditions: good shape over all, Went up Echo Lake, High Meadow, Jack Frost & Mountain House & back Mountain House to Link, Harrington & Staegcoach. Fair amount of large trees down, easy to get around, no snow on trails, still a fair amount on ski slopes

Special Equipment Required: Wind today out of the east, most of our ascent was up east side, kids wore base, fleece & at times rain coat for wind & mittens. Dad had hands in pockets & carrying all the food, water & gear. If there had been no building to hide behind, I would have layered up.

Comments: Optional - Got to see Boston Skyline from High Meadow View & summit under the clouds. A blustery day.

Nicholas, Kristina & Mike P.
Have fun & be safe
Mike P.