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Thread: Primaloft in Winter Boots?

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    Primaloft in Winter Boots?

    Like many out there, I have been searching (and searching and searching) for the perfect winter boot. I've bought and tried a few, but never been completely happy. I have liked some of the Columbia Bugaboot, Columbia Excellerator, Vasque Artic, etc. boots, but I have found that the Thinsulate insulation seems to compress (or "pack out") over time. The boots fit great and perform well for a season (or even less), and then becomes noticeably less insulative.

    I've been impressed with Primaloft, but can't imagine that it would last in a boot. The stuff feels like down, and I would think it would just compress inside a boot, thus trapping less air, and hence not very effective. Anyone have any personal experience, feedback, insight, etc. with regard to Primaloft in a boot. (Warren, Wally2q, etc. ? You guys know who you are.)

    The North Face Baltoro HV 400

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    I would think that prima loft could be adapted to a boot configuration in which the Primaloft could be easily rejuvinated or replaced inexpensively.


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    Scarpa uses Primaloft in some of their winter boots. They claim it doesn't pack out quite as fast as thinsulate. I've heard some good things about the Freney. It uses Primaloft vs Thinsulate. Not sure if it's the type of boot your looking for though?

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