Good day for this hike - great weather, and ended up getting a bit of a late start after staying up late watching the Stanley Cup champs win

Some slippery roots and rocks down low in the morning on the Garfield Trail with the usual mud patches. Water crossings were all very low. After reading Jeremy's report from last month, I decided to check out the old Garfield Pond Trail - easy to find and follow until within sight of the pond, and a good variation for the ascent. Some bushwhacking and boot sucking mud (and vicious black flys) around the edge of the pond back to Garfield Ridge Trail. Hung out for 20 minutes on the summit enjoying the spectacular views until the bugs became unbearable.

Hannah had fun - no issues with the terrain, not a ton of water along the way but enough for her to stay cool.

All in all a great day!

Sarah and Hannah