Trail in great shape for most part. Ledges were damp in morning but dried up nice for the descent. One nasty spot - the bog bridges between Mt Surprise and Moriah summit are a real problem. They are totally rotted out. In a few sections a small round log or scavenged sections from other sections have been laid over the bog. There is nothing securing these sections and one has to carefully traverse. Don't put your poles down in the mud for balance as the mud is well over 3 ft deep. Poles just kept going down and I almost fell in. This is a serious mud pit. If you fall off the logs you are likely to be in big trouble. Any four legged friends are likely to have a real problem here. Someone tried to bushwack around the mud and looks like they were in up to their knees so that is not much of an option. These bridges need some serious attention.

No special equipment, certainly poles helpful through the bog area. Bug dope of choice.

Day cleared nice. Mosquitoes were a major pain in the morning hike up but not bad on way down. Summit it was black flies which forced me to don the long sleeve and bug net in addition to the bug dope. Hazy day. Bikers, bikers, and more bikers on the road and lined up in front of every restaurant between Gorham and Franconia.