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Thread: Galehead, South and North Twin, Garfield (Various Trails)

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    Galehead, South and North Twin, Garfield (Various Trails)

    Date of Hike: 25 June 2011 (Saturday)

    Trail Conditions:

    Gale River Trail: One blowdown (large branch) in middle of trail - two people could move it and probably already have. I helped a little but couldnt get it out of the way. Otherwise, trail is in great shape, waterbars are cleared very well; smooth like luge.

    Garfield Ridge Trail: Good for the most part, some mud, will need brushing in spots soon.

    Frost Trail: Very wet, needs some brushing

    North Twin Spur: Very wet, needs minor brushing. There was blue blaze paint dripped all along parts of this trail and one tree in particular that had three blue handprints about head high, random splashes of paint on rocks, etc. Looked like "blaze blue" to me. Not a nice sight.

    Garfield Trail: Excellent shape. A lot of tree work has been done on this trail. Made for a nice exit.

    Bog bridges on all trails in very rough shape. Not many years left on many of these. Muddy spots all seemed to have rocks in just the right places for steps if you looked. Water crossings all easy enough by taking careful steps.

    Special Equipment Required: nothing in particular really required today. Bugs were present but not problematic, never rained but was socked in all day. I was happy to have waterproof shoes and should have worn low gaiters.

    Comments: Great day to be trapsing around the mountains (and doing a lot of backtracking). Hadn't planned on the Twins but they were right there, and the rain was holding off so WTH, it's a great summit ridge. Felt good to do miles and carry a light pack again. Nice running into Voyageur doing some volunteer work for the USFS. Garfield completes a solo round of the 48.
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