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Thread: Franconia Ridge Loop - 7/16

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    Franconia Ridge Loop - 7/16

    Standard route (up Falling-Waters and then down Greenleaf & Old Bridal Path).

    No bugs in the woods, but a few at the summits after you stopped for a few minutes. None of them were biting though. They really aren't a problem at all in my opinion. No mud anywhere.

    Gorgeous day today, probably 70 degrees at the summit with 5mph winds. Doesn't get much better than that. Left at 7:30am to beat the heat on the way up and that worked out well.

    Trail is getting a bit narrow due to overgrowth on the ridge when it dips down into spruce. Or maybe I had just forgotten those narrow parts?

    Took three newbies on this hike today and they all loved it.
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