Trails: Out and back via Lincoln Woods, Wilderness, and Bondcliff Trails all in good shape. Third and fourth crossings of Black Brook are dry. First and second are low, but with slippery rocks, so don't get too cocky when crossing.

Equipment: Poles helpful to ease the knees on this long hike. I lost my poles on the return, along Lincoln Woods Trail, so if some kind soul finds them, please let me know.

Comments: Lots of people out on the ridge, in part because the weather forecast was for a beautiful, sunny day. It turned out overcast; but the mild temperatures were very comfortable. The ridge is gorgeous in any weather.

Numbers 47 and 48 for Salty and Gracie!

Photos from this hike can be seen at:

NH4K: Elizabeth 48/48 Gracie 48/48 Salty 48/48