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Thread: A 3-day, Maine 8-pack, with 6 Moose for Dessert

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikehikeskifish View Post
    ManBearPig = Marc Howes

    You're new here, aren't you

    Ha, I was thinking of the South Park episode..

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    Should we start a poll for when it caves??

    Did those peaks 3 years ago. Drove the CVR in a bimmer with no problem, but stopped before the metal bridge. Had to hug the side of the road (ie, into the bushes) a few times to avoid some oil pan redesign.

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    Sketcky crossing when we were there 18 months ago. Great area, terrific mountains.
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    The bridges in question were pretty well constructed structurally but the bridge decks have always looked sketchy. I beleive that for fire purposes, the road is kept passable for fire equipment but there is no incentive to keep it open for passenger cars. A large amount of the Caribou Valley has been for sale so when a new owner takes over, the road and bridges may change for the better or worse depending on their management plan.

    Even though it is convenient way to bag peaks, I have always felt that the road becoming totally closed would improve the quality of the AT backpack from RT 4 to Rt 27. I expect with this road gone, this would be one of the longest stretches of the AT in Maine without a road crossing public or private.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakbagger View Post
    I beleive that for fire purposes, the road is kept passable for fire equipment
    And snowmobiles in winter. There's a route that comes in from the south over the low ridge into the valley.

    Also, one of those bridges back well before the green metal bridge was completely rebuilt in 2004, not that (relatively) long ago. The others are older, I believe.

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    Last I remember both Spaulding and Readington have signs showing under 4000 ft. I think they are under 4000 ft. They just changed the peak bagging rule to something about rounding up to next contour + 10ft. Both are 3988' I believe. Rounded up to next interval which is 4000' + 10 ft = 4010' Not quite sure why they do this. Spaulding certainly adds nothing to the 4000' list. If Readington wasn't cut on the top for wind studies it would be viewless too. The "bushwack" to Readington is fun the first time though.

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    Redington canister @3984', July 2010

    Spaulding @3988', July 2010

    You have to climb them for NEHH credit anyway... Redington has better views than either Crocker, and Spaulding is not much of a detour if you're walking the AT between Sugarloaf and Abraham anyway. I wouldn't want to have to make a separate trip to get it at some future point.

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