Before anybody want to work on their 46er list, read this:

Fall Meeting Cancellation & Trail Closings

Posted on September 1, 2011 on 46er website
Due to damage from Hurricane Irene to the Keene Valley area, the fall meeting has been cancelled.

Also due to Hurricane Irene, trails to the Eastern High Peaks, Dix Wilderness, Giant Wilderness, and all Trail heads out of Upper Works are closed by the DEC. (More information available here.) Peaks in these areas will not be recognized for achieving the forty sixer status during the period of closure.

The DEC is concerned that the Western High Peaks will be overwhelmed with hikers this weekend being one of the few trailheads open to use. The Seward parking lot only holds 10 vehicles. If you plan to hike there – please make sure to leave access for emergency vehicles. The DEC will attempt to assign an assistant ranger to the Trailhead this weekend.

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