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Thread: Flown from the highest fire tower in New England on 9/11/11

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    here are a few more shots:

    Crossing the washout on Sawyer River Road (Emma is so cute!):

    Calling Batman from Bat Signal Ridge. Nice call on this one, Judy. Is it my imagination, or is there some new slide activity on Mt Lowell?

    Some of Team Carrigain with the flags:

    The Bat Copter (I mean, Army Copter) approaching the summit from Signal Ridge:

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    Carrigain from West Bond at 6.5 miles

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    Does anyone know the highest standing fire tower in NH that is still intact? (Carrigain is a half-removed fire tower)
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    I beleive the highest active fire tower in NH is Magalloway Mtn.

    The location is slated for a statewide radio repeater system along with Milan Hill and Signal Mtn. It was a homeland security grant but I havent seen any activity in the press lately

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    Excellent job!
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    thats a cool shot from west bond..

    thanks john
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    Great Job Carrigain Crew!!

    Signal Ridge is ideal for the line of flags.
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