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Thread: NYT piece on speed climbing

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    NYT piece on speed climbing

    Piece on both speed climbing and hiking. Thought folks would find it interesting.


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    I watched the video - interesting piece. You get an appreciation of how focused he is on the goal and his ascetic lifestyle is necessary to achieve it.

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    Thanks for the link to the article. Here's Steck's speed climb of the Eiger referenced in the NYT, 2hrs 47min:
    "The fact that going off the deep end appears
    to be a requisite to doing anything of consequence
    in this life has not escaped me." Jim Harrison

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    Very interesting indeed. I'm normally a little apprehensive of speed records, not because I don't think people should be running but because they're so ephemeral (people are constantly taking speed records away from each other... I'm more impressed by first or notable ascents), but the article is more about the running as an alternative approach. I can dig that. Especially the bit about Chad Kellogg's setbacks. I'd say that's pretty inspiring.
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