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Thread: And the latest sunrise this year is ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisB View Post

    Does your proximity to the border of a time zone make any difference in sunset time? E.G.: Will sunset be later if you live on the western border of your time zone?

    (paging Doug Paul....:!)

    As others have already noted, "Yes." Chattanooga sits on the very western edge of the eastern time zone and the sun doesn't set until 9 pm on the summer solstice with full dark around 9:45 pm. Or as Yogi Berra might have said, "It gets late late around here."
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    The latest sunrise will be somewhere on the Arctic Circle (possibly someplace that does not practice Daylight Savings time), right around the solstice. Hmm, several of the time zones up there are artificially wide. Greenland is widest, but they also practice daylight savings time, while Russia does not.

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    Technically, the sun only rises (and sets) once per year on the North and South Poles. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out how early or late this is...


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    And the answer is... 8:29 AM on Jan 2. That would be here in Mandan, ND 46.8267 N by 100.8896 W at the far edge of the Central Time Zone.
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    Bump: As a reminder, the latest sunrise of the year (in the northeast) is coming up soon. Basically, it's the day before DST ends. Scroll up for details...

    And of course, after DST ends, it will get dark a lot sooner, leading to the inevitable (?) rescues of folks who were not prepared for this sudden predicament!
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